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Pole Fitness NY | Tease Time Pole Fitness

Pole Fitness NY | Tease Time Pole Fitness is a workout that does not feel like an everyday gym routine. It’s a fitness class that will teach women how to work out through fluid, exotic movement, pole tricks, and core movements. The infusion of the different types of movement will transform your body by building upper body strength, toning your body, losing weight, and increasing your flexibility.

Tease Time Pole Fitness is a private studio that allows only eight women to sign up for each class that is available. My classes are intimate, small groups create a private atmosphere, which will allow me to focus on each of you individually.

Great benefits from my classes are becoming fit, feeling sexy and empowered, and gaining more self-confidence. TTPF classes are very powerful and only you will understand the power by trying it for the first time. This is a class that will change you, while finding a new inner creature.

Fun, happy, laughter, sexy, dance, sing, play, these are just some of the ingredients that make my classes different. If you have questions on the classes please feel free to contact me anytime. I remember the first time I wanted to join; I was nervous, embarrassed, and anxious, so please call me if you feel the same way I did, I can help you get over these feelings

Pole Fitness NY | Tease Time Pole Fitness

I was born in 1982, and grew up in Rockland County, NY. I grew up cheering, playing softball and volleyball, I had no dance background. In 2007, I went through a horrible break up and was in the greatest despair of my life. I questioned myself; my beauty, confidence, and my happiness for quite awhile. My ex fiancé moved on and I was secretly miserable and ashamed of our split and could not move ahead in life. Finally, in March 2008 I decided to Google something along the lines of “women motivation,” and found pole fitness. The very next day pole fitness was on TV and I took this as a calling.

I signed up for my first pole fitness introduction class not knowing that this class was going to change my life. Pole fitness has not only made me physically stronger and more toned, it has changed me internally. I feel sexy, confident, empowered, and strong. This journey transformed a broken woman to a more self-confident, stronger, and courageous woman.

Pole fitness was a struggle for me, it did not come naturally, but I practiced and devoted my spare time to learning the tricks and building strength; I DID NOT give up. I made a commitment to pole fitness because it made me a positive and better person.

I am a certified pole fitness instructor and have the opportunity teach and inspire women. I received my certification with the pioneer of pole fitness, Fawnia Dietrich, in Las Vegas, NV. I now have the privilege to teach other women the art of pole fitness.  Pole Fitness NY